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Photography that builds community

Our ultimate goal at Flash is to make traditional photography as transparent, custom and efficient as possible. In a photo-dominated world, we strive for this goal not only for a budding generation who appreciates high-quality imagery but also for the creative individuals we hire who are looking to gain experience in their respective fields of photography and videography.


At Flash, we strive to make high-quality photography more affordable for the clubs and communities on campus and take pride in doing our part to bring our community closer together. By independently contracting each of our student photographers, we are able to allow them the freedom to be their own boss and let their creativity and skill take control without sacrificing quality. We use a premium photo sharing website to allow ease of download and upload of media with a clean and aesthetic format. 


Hire a local photographer today for a private session right here on our website under Book Now!


We can’t wait to add value to your next event, Flash style.

What We Offer

Event Photography

From Date nights to tailgates, philanthropy events to concerts, Flash will be there to deliver the best service possible with fast and quality results you won't find anywhere else.


Flash offers video services that give your group the ability to tell a story in a new way. With this feature, you receive a professionally made video that will make your organization stand out above the rest. Our Videographers are equipped with the skills to create a custom video that satisfies your vision.

LinkedIn Package

Getting ready for the “real world?” This package includes a private session with one of our Photographers and a sample selection of headshots for either you or the members of your organization.

Personal Shoots

Hire a Flash Photographer for a private photo session to capture the most important times in your life from graduation to birthdays, concerts, engagements and more! Our Photographers are ready to service all of your photography needs!

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