Meet the Founders

Flash Photography was founded by three students at the University of Georgia who had a vision to build their campus community through photography. From the beginning, our mission has been to make traditional photography as transparent, comfortable and efficient as possible. We set out to provide a platform for young photographers to gain experience while providing affordable services to the clubs and communities around campus. Here at Flash, our family is made up of a diverse group of people with a love for photography and for our community, so take a look around and get to know us!

Will Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to the idea of Flash in 2018. As CEO, Will leads with outstanding character and creativity. His motivation and innovative ideas are the foundations of what brings this business to life.

Hattie Chancy

Chief Financial Officer

With a business background, Hattie handles Flash finances and contract communication and negotiation between each party. Her love for everything that is aesthetically pleasing allows her to serve Flash with energy and excitement.

Caroline Dietrich

Chief Marketing Officer

From website content creation and management to all things social media and marketing, Caroline's background in communication and design provides Flash with unique insight in creative branding.

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